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At EBook Lanka we offer professional editing and proofreading services to students following specialized courses of study at institutions of higher learning. We excel at transforming mediocre, passable or simply good writing into polished, highly readable text that flows smoothly and expresses the writer's ideas succinctly and unambiguously.

Whether you are working on a routine class assignment, a Master's dissertation or Ph.D. thesis, make it a point to have it edited by a professional editor before submitting the document. We have several experienced editors with much experience in editing academic papers.

By availing yourself of our services, you can be sure of putting your message across with greater clarity and appeal, using exactly the right word or phrase every time. A professional editor who is familiar with the subject matter will scrutinize your work carefully and critically to make those corrections and amendments that would dramatically transform the quality of your document. Remember, numerous small improvements can add up to make a big difference that will enable you to obtain higher grades.

Simply conducting extensive research on a topic, then understanding and analysing it successfully will not by itself suffice. You should know how to communicate and present your ideas and your findings in an effective manner. Using the wrong word or even misplacing it can detract considerably from the quality of the writing. This is where we can help you. Our team will edit and proofread your work into a compelling document that will create the right impression on the person who is going to mark it. Obtain positive results by making sure that your important course assignments are delivered in well-written, lucid English.

Preview before Payment

We are making a unique offer! If you send us a page from your academic paper we will promptly edit and return it so that you may get some idea about the quality of our editing. If satisfied with the result, you can entrust the work to us. Suppose that you make full payment in advance to an editing service for a long document, only to discover later that the work does not measure up to your expectations. In such an event, you will find yourself in a spot if you are short of time and the funds required to re-edit it. But we offer you the chance to look before you leap!


As you would rightly expect, strict confidentiality is observed with all documents received by us for editing. That is the first rule in this business. All submitted files and the edited versions will be deleted from our hard disks about a month after the work is finished and sent to the author. We assure our clients that we attach singular importance to professionalism in all aspects of our business.



Note: We started off as an eBook publishing company but have now transformed into an editing service. Hence, the name 'E-Book Lanka'.