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Undergraduate students and graduates aspiring to higher qualifications are expected to gather data, research, argue and prove their theories / explain their experiments and so on. It often happens that even bright students including those pursuing post-graduate studies, who do not find this part of the assignment particularly difficult, face a stumbling block when they are confronted by the need to put all their findings into a coherent and well written academic paper. It is quite possible to overcome this difficulty by following certain simple steps.

First of all, the student should have a clear idea of the assignment that has been given to him. Then he needs to work out the steps required to accomplish this task satisfactorily. If he has to answer a question then he needs to understand the question perfectly. If he has to argue something he has to get his facts and his line of reasoning correct. He must research the subject and while doing so keep a careful record of all the citations he would be using. The academic institutions use various citation guidelines such as MLA, APA, the Chicago Manual of Style and so on.

It is up to the student to get the structure of the academic paper right. There has to be an introduction, followed by the main body of the essay and finally the conclusion; a PhD thesis would comprise many chapters. All of this material needs to be arranged in a logical order and presented in a coherent manner. The only sure way to achieve this is to prepare an outline of the work as a first step. We do not propose to give an explanation of how to draw an outline here. If you want help on this topic, just type "how to prepare an outline for an essay / research paper" in the search box of your favorite search engine. Also, make sure that your arguments support what you are trying to prove, in a convincing fashion.

We have highly qualified staff who are specialists in various disciplines. Whether liberal arts topics or science subjects, you can confidently entrust your papers to us for academic editing of a high standard, which we always follow up with careful proofreading.

Knowledge Deities

Academic Goddess










This is the Hindu deity that is responsible for looking after the interests of students and academics. When preparing for your examinations or when writing essays and other academic papers, worshiping this Goddess with devotion can improve your chances of obtaining higher grades and passing examinations successfully.

Other cultures too have, or used to have, their own knowledge deities noted for their learning and wisdom. The list given below is a sampling.

Athena and Metis (Greek)
Minerva (Roman)
Quetzalcoatl (Aztec)
Wengchang Wang (Chinese)
Snotra and Vör (Norse)
Anahita (Persian)
Thoth and Seshat (Egyptian)
Omoikane (Japanese)
Anulap (Polynesian)

Gods however, are fickle creatures and while it might prove helpful to make entreaties to them, they are known to let down students badly sometimes. You can achieve more positive and tangible results by enlisting the support of a good academic editing service!