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Editing and Proofreading Procedure

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Editing and proofreading is painstaking work, requiring the editor to pay close attention to a diverse range of rules and conventions governing correct English usage. In practice, the editor keeps on correcting errors in the order in which he encounters them even if these are all different types of errors. This can be tedious work though, because in the case of poorly written drafts, it can easily take more than 30 minutes to edit a page! Each job is delegated to the editor who is most familiar with the subject matter dealt with in the document, as each editor has his own special areas of interest and expertise. Proofreading is always done last after the important language usage issues listed below are carefully edited and corrected.


Sentence Structure - too long, too short, run on and unfinished sentences
Subject / Verb agreement
Obscurity of expression
Choice of words and phrases
Consistency of tense
Consistency of singular / plural usage

We also pay close attention to many other things, such as unnecessary use of passive voice, split infinitives, dangling modifiers, incorrect use of reflexive pronouns etc. If sentences are too long we break them down into shorter ones. We may also combine two or more smaller sentences into a longer sentence if that would help convey the meaning more elegantly. Paraphrasing is another effective measure we adopt whenever it is deemed desirable.

A senior editor rechecks the work and then it is passed over to a proofreader who goes through the whole document with eagle eyes and restores the formatting, which tends to change during the course of editing. Use of the 'Track Changes' feature contributes to drastic changes in formatting.

The most difficult thing to correct when editing is vagueness, so please avoid this by taking the trouble to express your ideas in more definite terms. Incidentally, editing and proofreading work can be rather hard on the eyes because of the need to stare intently at the monitor for hours on end!