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We have simplified our editing rates structure. For written assignments prepared by undergraduate students the rate is about $4 per page. This is based on the density of double spaced text that will fit into an A4 / Letter size page, which is roughly 300 words. Of course, the word count on a page depends on the font face, font size, line spacing, width of margins, justification etc., but 300 is a typical figure. We arrive at the number of pages by dividing the word count of the unedited document by 300. Footnotes and bibliographies are excluded from the word count. When we do the editing we find that there is usually an increase in word count by about 3 to 6%. Changes to word count during editing may vary with different editors.

The editing charges for postgraduate work is naturally higher, as you would expect. It is about $5.25 per page for Master's dissertations and $6.50 for Ph.D. theses. The actual rates depend on the length of document, the depth of editing involved and the urgency of the job. You must allow us about 48 hours for smaller assignments, i.e. upto 20 pages. For longer works, you should allow commensurately longer periods. To prevent an abrupt change of style, the work cannot be allowed to change hands midway, so any job we get is handled mainly by the editor who is the resident expert in that field of study.

The billing will be based on the word count of the edited document. As noted earlier, this figure will be somewhat higher than that of the original document due to elaboration and clarification and the filling in of omissions.