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As the volume of work received by our editing service keeps varying all the time, we have to constantly cope with busy and slack periods. Therefore, if your work is very urgent, we advise you to send us an email with details regarding the type of work, the number of pages, and how soon you want it back. Please indicate your time zone too when specifying the deadline (date, day and your local time) as we have to adhere to strict time schedules. We will then inform you within a few hours, whether we can accept the assignment or not. If the work is not all that urgent, just send it as an email attachment and we will promptly send you a quote.

Normally, we work with Microsoft Word 2010. With MS Word, we can return the work as 2 files, one that displays the editing changes using the 'track changes' command plus comments made by us, and the other as a clean copy, with no trace of the editing work performed. Whereas we work with both file formats, be aware that DOCX files possess several advantages over the old DOC files. Long documents containing photos, diagrams and tables are somewhat prone to file corruption during the course of editing if they are in the DOC format. The files occupy more disk space and take longer to transmit than DOCX files. The way to avoid these hassles is to use MS Word 2007 or later versions.

By default, we observe US spelling. If you want UK spelling, please specify.

Please note that all client / editor exchanges have to be made primarily by email. Send your document to our editing service as an email attachment, addressed to and after estimating the charges we will let you know of the payment details.

In case there is a delay in our response at any time, you can send an SMS to the number given below to draw our attention.


Local clients may call the above number during normal office hours.